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May 29, 2024: Christmas In May? Yes, Please!

While we are still 7 months away from Christmas, it is never too early to start planning for gifts. We have two fun, easy family games to last all season! We still have a few of these left in our warehouse, and reprints will be arriving in September 2024.
The 12 Dice of Christmas is simple to learn and plays quickly. Choose dice to acquire the correct numbers to purchase presents while attempting to keep opponents from grabbing the numbers they need. You'll get 12 Christmas-y dice along with a soft, red dice bag and a scorepad. All you need is a pencil to start buying those presents! The 12 Dice of Christmas can be yours for $14.95. 
As we all know, we don't always get exactly what we ask for in the way of holiday gifts. Bad Christmas, a family-friendly game, takes that to the extreme with a tuna-flavored candy cane, a wind-up fruitcake and other, well, let's call them unique gifts. Collect your favorites as fast as possible before the game suddenly ends. Grab a copy on Warehouse 23 for just $9.95!
Add these stocking stuffers to your shopping list today. Happy (early) holidays from the Steve Jackson Games team!

-- Michelle Richardson

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