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May 22, 2024: The Impossible Is Daily With GURPS Infinite Worlds: Atlantropa

GURPS Infinite Worlds: Atlantropa

Welcome to Atlantropa-1, a timeline where the mega-project to dam the Mediterranean and create 250,000 square miles for settlement came to fruition. And thus new land, new sources of energy, and new geopolitical problems became the norm.

Book your passage to an amazing world with GURPS Infinite Worlds: Atlantropa. This supplement includes the history, geopolitical situation, and near-future challenges faced by its residents. It also offers adventure ideas, hints of other worlds where Atlantropa came to be, and suggestions for how to add the setting to a GURPS Infinite Worlds campaign.

Whether you're admiring an incredibly ambitious global achievement, researching its unusual global challenges, or trying to defuse a five-way Cold War, Atlantropa is your ticket to the improbable but amazing. Download it today, only from Warehouse 23!

-- Steven Marsh

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