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May 10, 2024: Race Into The World Of Car Wars With CARnage 2!

Return to the autoduel arenas of the future! Car Wars fans can now back the next part of our CARnage STL series on Kickstarter.

CARnage 2 is a massive set of STL files that will allow you to 3D print dozens of Car Wars scale models: cars, crew, accessories, arena terrain, and more!

The two newest cars, Meteor and Boomslang, can be printed in armed, "naked," or wrecked forms. You can also print wrecked versions of existing cars Sawtooth and Pure Energy. Add Superfans Billy Bob and Esteban, with three of their friends, to toss an occasional shot into the speeding chaos. Pick weapons from the Fake Machine Gun to the Super Magnet and the Wrecking Ball. Accessories range from the valuable (more classy spoilers) to the, ahem, personal (truck nutz and longhorn hood ornaments). And drive around, or through, new arena obstacles. You can do it!

The most exciting pledge level is the $1,000 Superfan Ticket. It will let you collaborate with the Steve Jackson Games team to create a 3D character (yourself with a gun, for instance) who will be part of Car Wars forever!

At this writing, we are most of the way to our goal – we'll have reached it by the time you read this – and we have a lot of stretch goals ready to announce!

Follow us on social media for upcoming posts – including professional miniature painters adding color and detail to the cars with their skilled brushes.

Head over to Kickstarter right away and make your pledge now – if you play Car Wars (or Gaslands, or other auto combat games) you don't want to miss this!

-- Michelle Richardson

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