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May 16, 2024: Munchkin Big Box Wrapping Up

Our biggest crowdfunding campaign ever, by a wide margin. As I write this, it's over $1,155,000, and is about to hit 8,000 backers. I am not even going to guess where it might end up. Whoa. It hit 8,000 while I was typing.

There are only a few hours left. If you meant to get the Big Box and haven't yet gotten around to pledging . . . here's the URL.

I'm very appreciative, not just of the sweet monie$$, but also of the staff who have worked so hard to make this happen and the useful comments from the backers. Those comments have shaped the campaign. Thank you.

Fun Fact: The campaign closes today, Thursday, at 4:00 Austin (Central) time. Butif there are people on the Backer Train, the campaign won't close! It will just keep chugging along until there's no one else waving frantically to get aboard! How cool would it be if 4:00 came and went . . . and the train kept going?!

-- Steve Jackson

PS – I'd be remiss if I didn't also remind you about the Car Wars STL campaign, CARnage 2, which ends next week.

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