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May 18, 2024: Open Sauce Project

You know what's a quick-and-easy snack for the gaming table? Chicken nuggets – or "nugs," as those in the "stuffing one's face with breaded poultry morsels" industry put it. It's straightforward to toss 'em in the oven before the games begin, and later recover them during a quiet gameplay moment.

Why not see about whipping up a different sauce for each game session? This can be in addition to any staples that the table likes (barbecue sauce, hot sauce, chocolate syrup, etc. – does anyone read these parenthetical asides?). (Yes. Yes, we do. Eeeew. Gross. -- Editor.) This doesn't need to be anything too exotic; literally mixing a commercial barbecue sauce with some teriyaki sauce can make something interesting. If there's a common gaming group, maybe swap around the creation duties. Give each session's sauce a special or themed name, and enjoy your nugs! Can I tempt anyone with some one-shot Wiz-War Wasabi Ranch?

-- Steven Marsh

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