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May 11, 2024: Vote For Munchkin Digital

Every year, Board Game Geek holds the Golden Geek Awards to celebrate the best in tabletop gaming. The awards are presented every year at the BGG.Con event in Dallas, Texas – and this year, you can help Munchkin Digital get on the podium.
That's right – not only is your favorite game of dungeon delving and backstabbing available in digital form, but it has also been nominated for Best Board Game App for 2023. We'll need your help to win, so head to https://boardgamegeek.com/geekawards/boardgame and cast your vote. (You'll need to make a free BGG.com account to get started.)
Voting closes on May 12, 2024, so don't delay! Vote for Munchkin Digital, then tell your friends to do the same!

-- Katie Duffy

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