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May 23, 2024: Inventory On The First Play?

Am I alone in taking inventory of new games as I open 'em? When I'm enjoying that new-game smell, I'll generally do a quick count of the cards, parts, etc., and compare them with the parts list in the game itself. If I'm really feeling my oats (especially if I'm the one who has to put the game away), I'll do an inventory after the game as well. If a game doesn't have a complete parts list, I'll often whip up my own before the game gets sequestered back into its cardboard home. There's nothing more frustrating than discovering one has lost a die, pawn, chit, or card a few months down the road, long after vacuum cleaners or free-roaming house rabbits have made a tasty snack of something irreplaceable.

I'm especially grateful when publishers provide detailed inventory lists. If I'm looking for a complete card list for (say) Munchkin 9 — Jurassic Snark, it's awesome to get it straight from the makers. But many games have robust-enough fan communities that such lists often exist in unofficial capacities via sites like BoardGameGeek. Regardless, I've avoided many future problems of lost-part woes with a few minutes of extra organization at the beginning and end of games.

-- Steven Marsh

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