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May 12, 2024: Questionable Game Purchases?

I'm not sure if this'll spark an interesting discussion or reveal my own idiosyncrasies, but that describes how I've approached social interactions for the past 30+ years. So, here's my query: What's a "questionable" game purchase you've made? This isn't necessarily the biggest game you've bought (big games are cool!) or a game you didn't enjoy (mistakes happen), but rather a purchase you knew going in that you couldn't quite justify, but – darn it – you pulled the trigger anyway.

I've bought lots of stuff I've thought better of, but I'll share the first one that sprang to mind when I formulated this topic. I saw a dice set I loved; as they often are, it was a standard polyhedral set for . . . some big game out there? I think it had an ampersand? Not important. Anyway, I loved the set, but couldn't quite justify it, because I didn't really play the ampersand game; I played GURPS. And GURPS needs three six-siders, of which the set only had one.

Of course, I bought four sets . . . the extra one just in case. And, lo, I have my awesome set of GURPS dice – along with a lot of eight-siders, four-siders, and so on that I lack a regular use for.

No regrets! I love them. But – considering that I ended up with 18 dice I don't particularly need – they sure are a questionable purchase.

That's the story that pops to mind for me. If you have one of your own, feel free to share your anecdote privately or publicly on the forums.

-- Steven Marsh

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