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December 24, 2023: Time And Time Again

GURPS Time Travel

Back in my college days, I ran a lengthy GURPS Supers campaign for many years. The joys of the GURPS library – even then – was having a plethora of sourcebooks on hand. So every session, I kept handy the usual supplements needed for the game (Supers, GURPS Psionics, GURPS High-Tech, etc.). For months, I also brought GURPS Time Travel. The first few times, the players groaned in anticipation: "Looks like we're hopping into the time stream!" But nothing ever happened, and they eventually more or less forgot about it, even as I made a point of pulling the book out and carefully setting it on the gaming table before each session.

Then, one day, I didn't bring Time Travel.

That – of course – is when the time-travel miniseries began in the campaign.

Take from this anecdote what you will, but I do note that we also have supplements on vampires, werewolves, zombies, nuclear meltdowns . . .

-- Steven Marsh

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