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December 16, 2023: The Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game Bundle Of Holding

Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game Bundle of Holding

It's a busy holiday season, but you might still consider carving out a little "me" time for yourself . . . like gathering some friends for merriment and camaraderie to fight the forces of darkness in dusty dungeons for unfathomable profit and power. That's more possible than ever with the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game Bundle of Holding.

The Dungeon Fantasy RPG is a stand-alone RPG based on GURPS Fourth Edition. All the rules you need are in the core set. This Bundle of Holding makes that set – along with a lot of other loot – available as a brain-bursting bargain.

The affordably priced "Starter Collection" of downloadable PDFs includes the core Dungeon Fantasy boxed set (which has rules, character-creation options, spells, monsters, and even an adventure). It also features the Dungeon Fantasy Companion, the Dungeon Fantasy GM Screen, and the Dungeon Fantasy Dungeon Planner.

In addition, for a modest amount more, you can upgrade this set to the "Bonus Collection," which offers more monsters, treasures, adventures, rule possibilities, and other Dungeon Fantasy gaming goodness.

Be warned, would-be warriors! This bundle is only available until the beginning of January. Don't delay; delve today!

-- Steven Marsh

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