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December 19, 2023: The Curious Countdown: Number 8 – Get To The Chopper!

Car Wars Expansion Set 8  Chopper Challenge

Welcome to the third installment of our "curious countdown"! Today is devoted to number 8. (The premise is explained here.)

I first got exposed to Car Wars a long time ago. I loved how much stuff there was to add to the game beyond the basics. Trucks, cycles, tanks . . . and, of course, helicopters. Car Wars Expansion Set 8 – Chopper Challenge includes a vast variety of those vertical villains to incorporate in your scenarios. This supplement comes with the rules and counters you need to set up helicopters as adversaries or take to the skies yourself.

This particular set is available digitally or physically – the latter being a reprint that was part of our very popular Pocket Box reprint Kickstarter campaign a few years back. For those who are looking for a bundle of fun, Chopper Challenge is included in the Car Wars Pocket Box Bundle 3 . . . and if you go that route, you might as well pick up the three other bundles, so the one bundle isn't lonely.

-- Steven Marsh

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