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December 27, 2023: Massive Dungeon Fantasy RPG Sale, From Gaming Ballistic

Dungeon Fantasy Sale From Gaming Ballistic

Several days ago, we mentioned that there's a limited-time Bundle of Holding for the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game, the GURPS-powered stand-alone RPG of crypt-crawling camaraderie. It's an amazing deal, and it's resulted in a big influx of new fans . . . many of whom might be asking, "What else is there?"

Well, Gaming Ballistic has an excellent answer to that question: more Dungeon Fantasy RPG goodness! Gaming Ballistic is an officially licensed partner and creator of Dungeon Fantasy RPG material (along with fantastic support for The Fantasy Trip). Gaming Ballistic has produced amazing material over the years, including:

To celebrate the aforementioned Bundle, Gaming Ballistic is having an incredible Dungeon Fantasy sale at their online store of 50% off on their PDF-only offerings, and even a 25% off sale on their print products. And this sale applies to the discounts already factored into their bundles. These prices are so unbelievable, you'd think they were the result of a reality-warping six-dimensional skull lurking in the final room of a tesseractic tomb!

Be warned that the Dungeon Fantasy RPG Bundle of Holding concludes on January 3, while Gaming Ballistic's sale ends January 5. A life of dungeon delving has never been more affordable!

-- Steven Marsh

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