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December 6, 2023: Music Recommendation: Security Project

Security Project: Slowburn Tour Edition

Here's a music recommendation I've used and enjoyed at the gaming table: Security Project. This is a band devoted to the music of Peter Gabriel and Gabriel-era Genesis. If that piques your interest, then you've probably already clicked the link (or might even own their tunes). If you haven't, then check out their Bandcamp page or YouTube and give them a listen.

I especially like them at the gaming table because they're interesting without being distracting, have that nice feeling of familiarity while still sounding different, and suit a variety of moods. Thus they don't overshadow the session but also aren't invisible to us as we play. (And, of course, I also like to listen to them in those rare moments we're not gaming . . .)

Oh, and if you get a chance to see them in concert, I recommend that; they put on quite a show at the one I attended.

-- Steven Marsh

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