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December 17, 2023: The Curious Countdown: Number 9 – Watch Your Step!

Cardboard Heroes: Fantasy Set 9 - Dungeon

We're in the second installment of our "curious countdown," which means today is devoted to number 9. (For those who missed the premise, here's the backstory.)

I first discovered the Cardboard Heroes line years before I started with Steve Jackson Games. I loved to use them with my old-school dragon-y dungeon-y encounters. So Cardboard Heroes: Fantasy Set 9 - Dungeon Dangers was a great addition to my collection way back when. Although the physical editions aren't available anymore, the digital download lives on, and in my humble opinion, it's arguably even more useful and fun in that format. With the right printer, you can make a fantastic set. (I print on magazine boards, so tokens are nice and chunky.) Plus – since it's digital – it's trivial to reprint the set if some become lost or damaged. This particular file (which, I stress, is "number 9" for our countdown purposes) is applicable for pretty much any setting that needs classic creepy crawlies in its catacombs.

I might show off my own printed collection at some point, but if anyone has their own experiences with the digital versions of Cardboard Heroes, I'd love to hear about them on the forums!

-- Steven Marsh

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