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December 18, 2023: Homage To The Player's Handbook

A hot new item has just dropped from the incomparably brilliant Tim Hutchings, and it's . . . well, I'd better just show you.

[Image] [Image] [Image]

If you're confused, yes, this is a page-for-page ink wash drawing of the entire AD&D Player's Handbook, in a foiled hardcover with endpapers that match the original. It's the finest coffee table book ever printed, if the goal of a coffee table book is to baffle and/or distress your houseguests.

Tim is the mind behind Thousand Year Old Vampire, A Collection of Improving Exercises, and Apollo 47 Technical Handbook. If you're into improbable roleplaying games, you should check him out.

Anyway, I just wanted to share the incredulous joy that I feel every time I look at this thing.

-- Irene Zielinski

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