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March 31, 2020: Free Gelatinous Solitaire Rules PDF!


If you're looking to entertain a younger child during these tough times, we have another tool for your arsenal: free solitaire rules for the Gelatinous game! To play, all you need are 13 six-sided dice (all of the same size), a scrap of paper, a pencil, and this free PDF

What is Gelatinous? It's a new dice game for three to six players in which you are a mindless blob of goo wandering through the dungeon, trying to form into a cube. To do this, you roll seven 12mm green-glitter dice and then follow the rules printed on the dice bag. You can learn more about the game at the official Gelatinous website.

Gelatinous is now open for preorder at Warehouse 23. The game is not currently scheduled for distribution release, but feedback from retailers at the GAMA show has us exploring a possible wider release for it in the future.

-- Phil Reed

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