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March 25, 2020: Across The World, GURPS On Demand Is There!


Our GURPS On Demand program has brought dozens of classic GURPS books back into print through the magic of print-on-demand technology. Using the Amazon POD services, we've uploaded books from Alternate Earths to Warriors, making sure that our back catalog is available to you . . . almost everywhere in the world! 

Wherever Amazon offers print-on-demand books, you can get these books without paying high after-market prices or – for those outside of the United States – excessive postage costs. 

We plan to add more titles to the program, hopefully reaching a day when everything (excluding licensed releases or titles where contracts restrict us) is published through the POD service.

Which out-of-print GURPS books would you like to see published as a POD title? Tell us on the forums!

-- Phil Reed

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