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March 30, 2020: Munchkin: Critical Role Coming In 2020

Munchkin: Critical Role"Critters" take note – Munchkin: Critical Role announced for 2020!

Our partner in crime licensing, The OP, has announced a new Munchkin mash-up for 2020: Munchkin: Critical Role! They shared the news at the GAMA Trade Show, the largest business-to-business game industry event in the U.S., and excited gamers crashed The OP's website four times in their rush to find out more about the upcoming release.

What's the big deal? Well, Critical Role is a hilarious web series where professional voice actors play their way through D&D campaigns in the world of Exandria. Fans (called "Critters") have watched over 37 million minutes of the shows on Twitch, and the episodes archived on YouTube have been viewed over 115 million times. And now, Critical Role and the gaming party the Mighty Nein are coming to kill monsters, loot dungeons, and backstab each other on the shiny cards of a Munchkin deck near you.

There's a huge FNORD label slapped over the cover and contents for the time being, but we will update you here and on our social media pages when we have sneak peeks available. In the meantime, read more about the game at any high-quality game-review site, such as Bleeding Cool411 ManiaDicebreaker, and GeekGirlAuthority.com. And if you haven't already watched Critical Role on Twitch or YouTube, get on that right now! 

-- Alain H. Dawson

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