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March 19, 2020: Melee Is Free In PDF!


I hope you're staying home through the next few weeks. Here's something to make that a bit easier.

Melee was the second game I ever wrote. It's about fantasy/medieval combat. It eventually grew into the whole Fantasy Trip system, but it still stands by itself as a quick combat game. Make up characters in just a few minutes, send them into the arena (or go fight orcs), gain experience, increase stats.

And right now it's free on Warehouse 23 and Drive Thru RPG. Rules, map, and counters (though if you have minis around the house, you don't even need to cut out the counters). The only dice you need are three six-siders.

Because characters are so easy to build and the combat system is simple, this game works well for solo or online play. So if you're homestuck with no other gamers . . . download Melee anyway, and fight that most dreaded of all foes, yourself!

The sequel to Melee is Wizard, which adds an IQ stat to the game and, of course, magical spells. Same system, now with added ZAP. We have set Wizard, and the programmed adventures Death Test and Death Test 2, to half price. If you already know Melee, the Wizard learning curve is short.

Want to see a group learning and playing for real? Check out "Live The Fantasy Trip." 

You can find a community of players and creators on The Fantasy Trip fan Facebook page and the SJ Games forums. And if you want to catch me, and a lot of other people, for live discussion of the game and even actual online play, check out the Fantasy Trip Discord.

– Steve Jackson

PS – There are some good illustrations in the games, including Liz Danforth's marvelous, creepy "Long Lankin." If you've got kids underfoot, give them the pages to color, and BANG! Personalized edition.

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