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March 20, 2020: Our COVID-19 Response

Things are a mess, and it will be a while before they get better. Here's what we're doing.

First: no layoffs now, and hopefully no layoffs ever. I anticipate some bad, bad months ahead, but we have a reserve, and this is the kind of thing it's for. I don't expect to create any new full-time jobs, but we will publish opportunities for freelance work and hope that helps out some writers whose freelance gigs are drying up, or who have been laid off elsewhere.

We are lucky to have the kind of business that CAN send (almost) everyone at home to work. That's what we've done, leaving the office nearly empty for those few who absolutely have to come in. It won't be as efficient overall, but it's better than producing no games and saving no jobs (much less passing around bugs). When this is over, we'll all know a lot more about the best ways of working from home, and that'll be a good thing.

And for those of you who are spending the next couple of weeks (at least) at home – good for you! We've moved some special projects to the head of the queue, to create free entertainment for you and the kids. The PDF version of Melee is already free on Warehouse 23 and DTRPG. A PDF of the Munchkin Alphabet Coloring Book is about to be released, also free. And we have some other things in the works.

Stay safe!

-- Steve Jackson

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