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March 27, 2020: Playing Munchkin When You're Self-Isolated

This is a VERY rough set of rules. If you have suggestions or other comments, we'd love to hear them!

  1. Every player needs their own Munchkin game. Doesn't matter which one. (We recommend avoiding Apocalypse, which doesn't work well in this format, and Cthulhu and Crazy Cooks unless everyone is playing the same game.) Everyone also needs a way to video chat with all the other players (Skype, Google Hangouts, etc.).
  2. Whenever a card is played face up, whether from your hand or drawn from a deck, show it on camera. (You would think that would be obvious, but . . . this is Munchkin, after all.) If you have a fancy overhead camera, you can use that if you want.
  3. Deals for Treasures as a result of combat are drawn from your own deck. If you help for two Treasures, the main player draws two fewer Treasures and you draw two from your deck. Remember to put them all on the camera!
  4. You can still trade Items – just fake it as best you can. If you're playing the game decks, that makes it easier. Otherwise, write the key stats on index cards or something.

Can you improve on these rules? Let us know!

-- Andrew Hackard

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