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March 27, 2011: Many Magazines!

Pyramid #3/29: Psionics Space Gamer #64 This week e23 looks a bit like an old-time newsstand. Two magazines grace the digital shelves, so let's leaf through them until the clerk asks us "You gonna buy that, or what?"

Alphabetically, we come to Pyramid first. Sure, e23 has all the print issues, but we're in a front-list-driven industry, so we're just looking at the most recent release . . . Psionics! (The title doesn't officially have an exclaimation point -- that's just me getting excited.)

Why am I excited? Not one, but two articles by David Pulver . . . and an article by Jason "PK" Levine -- both these guys know their GURPS, and have experience fitting rules to brain powers. Add those to "Expanded Psychokinesis," "Thoughtjustice," and "Random Psionic Tables" -- well friend, you've got a magazine pumped full of mind-reading, object-levitating goodness!

My enthusiasm for Pyramid shouldn't distract you from the gem that is Space Gamer #64. All the news and reviews that was fit to print back in 1983, each issue of Space Gamer is a time-capsule coming through a portal on the back of a Gallifreyan. On top of that, this issue features rules for a variant Ogre, the Goliath -- quite fitting, considering the recent announcement.

Oops! The clerk is starting to notice us! Time to grab these two and head for the check-out button!

-- Paul Chapman

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