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March 5, 2011: When Phil Says "Ogre," He Doesn't Mean "Car Wars."

The last couple of times Phil has made a comment about Ogre 6e on his personal Twitter account (@philipjreed -- he's definitely worth following if you like toys, games, and lots of walking), he's gotten responses that boil down to "are you working on Car Wars?" He's not bothered by this -- there are very few gamers with more love for autoduelling than Phil.

But what CW fans need to realize is that doing a modern game of cars driving fast and shooting the heck out of each other is a massive, massive job . . . about the size of Ogre 6e, as a matter of fact. Once Phil gets Ogre out the door later this year, with its dozen or so pounds of maps and counters, then he'll start thinking about CW.

And as Ogre fans will tell you, just because we're thinking about it doesn't mean we have a plan -- it means we're thinking, which only makes us more dangerous.

Don't stop poking Phil, of course. It's fun to watch him twitch.

-- Paul Chapman

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