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March 9, 2011: Braaaaaaaaaaaiiiinnnns . . .

Munchkin ZombiesWe're officially launching Munchkin Zombies at PAX East this weekend, and I couldn't be happier. This is the first new full Munchkin game SJ Games has done since I became the Munchkin Czar, and I definitely went up a couple of levels in project management as a result of shepherding this through the design, playtest, and production process. (Last year's relaunch of the Munchkin line gave me several more levels, of course -- and some white hair I don't like to talk about.) I'm really looking forward to everyone's reactions: I think this is one of our strongest Munchkin core sets, and John really outdid himself with the art.

And just wait until you see what Steve did in the expansion, coming this fall . . .

-- Andrew Hackard

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