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March 13, 2011: Looking For New Munchkin Bookmarks?

Munchkin Zombies If you remember our post about last year's Alliance Open House, then you recall that Jester's Playhouse of New Jersey (Hi, Rich!) won an appearance on a Munchkin bookmark, customized just for them. And since they donated $1,000 to ProLiteracy in the charity auction, we created two: one for Munchkin, and one for Munchkin Quest. Since Munchkin Zombies is launching Real Soon Now, a zombie verison of Rich was a no-brainer. (Get it? Zombie? No-brainer? I crack myself up sometimes.) The other, for MQ, riffs on the retailer's nightmare of . . . excessive exchanges!

You'll be able to find the Munchkin Bookmark of Festering Jesting! and the Munchkin Quest Bookmark of Excessive Exchanges! in an upcoming issue of Games Trade Magazine, available in fine game stores nation-wide.

-- Paul Chapman

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