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March 14, 2011: Futuristic Cities! Fast Cars! Frightening Babysitters!

Transhuman Space: Cities on the EdgeCar Wars: AADA Vehicle Guide Volume 3This week, e23 provides three glimpses of the future: one flashy, one frantic, and one just plain fun!

First, we have Transhuman Space: Cities on the Edge. This gargantuan guide to the urban environs of the Transhuman Space setting covers everything you need to survive and thrive in the towns of tomorrow. It comes with a full guide to Stockholm (complete with a murder mystery adventure!), plus descriptions of the municipal majesty of 2100. Visit a living city! Upload to a virtual village! Become a tourist at a carefully-preserved museum-metropolis! Plus, this guide should be great to bring the cities of any near-future campaign to life.

For those looking to get out of the cities and hit the road, might we suggest The AADA Vehicle Guide Volume 3? The latest and greatest Car Wars buyer's guide for aspiring autoduellists and the drivers who face them, this supplement includes 78 designs -- plus counters for each design. From cycles to campers, this one is sure to keep your wheels spinning!

However, if you're in the mood to relax, look no further than Space Gamer #62. In addition to basic strategy for Ogre (from Steve Jackson himself!) and some April Fool's fun, this issue also comes with Globbo, a complete ready-to-print two-player game that pits angry alien kids against a zealous inhuman caretaker. (How can you not like any game with a rule section entitled "Exploding Children"?)

Space Gamer #62So whether you want the dynamic delights of downtown, the latest in automotive anarchy, or a fat pack of gaming fun, we've got a tour of tomorrow you don't want to miss. The future is now, and it's awesome!

-- Steven Marsh

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