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March 10, 2011: SJ's 2011 Appearance Schedule

I've got a really full year of convention travel to look forward to! Come see me. We'll have fun . . . Whenever I'm at a show, I bring along something unpublished to playtest and show off, and I'm happy to sign things almost any time. Some exceptions are: not in the middle of conversations with other people, not in the men's room, not on the dance floor, and not after I've gone to bed for the night. YES THESE HAVE ALL HAPPENED. You know who you are.

March 11-13 - PAX East in Boston. I'll be doing a panel, wandering around looking wistfully at the digital games, teaching dice games to the computer guys who look wistfully at MY shiny toys. I'll also kicking some dice across the floor (yes, really), revel in the release festivities for Munchkin Zombies, and announce the NEXT big Munchkin release.

March 14-15 - Northeastern University in Boston. Right after PAX. I'll give a couple of guest lectures . . . and spend some time in a classroom to see how they're teaching game design now! The whole idea of college courses in game design makes me grin uncontrollably. I like the 21st century better than any other I have lived in.

April 28 - GTS Game Day in Atlanta. I think. Not quiiiiite confirmed. This is a distributor event. I like distributor shows, because I get to meet a lot of retailers, talk about the business, and play games.

May 27-29 - Comicpalooza in Houston. This convention sounded like so much fun that I was planning to go as a fan, do some demos with the MIBs, and help out at the TexLUG Lego exhibit. Then the con was kind enough to offer me a guest badge, so I'll be doing a couple of panels as well . . . and it looks like I might have another big Munchkin announcement to make there.

August 4-7 - GenCon in Indianapolis. My first GC in a long, long time! I can't say yet what I'll be doing there, except FIVE DAYS OF GENCON W00T and catching up with a lot of old friends.

August 17-21 - Worldcon in Reno. I don't KNOW what I'll be doing there. Some panels? Reply hazy, ask again later. But I'm going.

September 2-5 - Dragon*Con in Atlanta. Another "maybe." I haven't been to this con in years and thought it might be about time to go back. When my assistant touched base with the convention, though, they said they were moving their office and might take a month or so to get back with me. So this line is only here for completeness.

September 14-16 - ACD Game Day in Madison. Another great distributor event. I've been to the last two, and had a fine time. (Cthulhu Dice and Zombie Dice both came out of a brainstorm session while we were walking around the Madison farmers' market.)

October 7-9? - Alliance trade show. Yet another distributor event. Except AFAIK they haven't nailed down the dates. So this one is a maybe.

November 11-13 - Hal-Con in Halifax. I'm the Gaming GoH. I'll be doing talks/panels, signing stuff, and playing in the Munchkin tournament finals.

That's already enough fun to get me through 2011. I might add some to the later part of the year, if a great invitation comes along (like a really neat con with a great dinosaur museum or excursion train nearby) . . . There's an overseas invitation pending, but the travel details aren't hammered out. And I'd like to do the Essen show in October, but the schedule is tight. And (he said wistfully) I'd like to run Evil Stevie's Pirate Game at least once, somewhere. We'll see what happens.

-- Steve Jackson

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