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November 14, 2021: Metal Miniatures Clearout Sale On Warehouse 23

With the advent of our plastic Ogre Miniatures sets and the announcement of the upcoming STL project for The Fantasy Trip miniatures, it's time we finally say goodbye to the remainder of our metal miniature stock in the warehouse. With that, our Ogre and The Fantasy Trip miniatures are currently discounted on Warehouse 23 until December 1. After that, if they don't sell out, they will be melted down. You are, quite literally, saving these miniatures from their doom! Nothing against our classic minis, of course, we've loved them for years, but it's time to make some space and we want to try to get them to good homes instead of the furnace. 

Pick up a variety of miniatures while supplies last on Warehouse 23! 

-- Hunter Shelburne

Metal Mini

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