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November 11, 2021: Now Available On Demand: GURPS Conan: Moon Of Blood

GURPS Conan: Moon of Blood

The journey is at an end! The quest to deliver the complete line of classic GURPS Conan supplements for GURPS Basic Set for Third Edition concludes with the release of GURPS Conan: Moon of Blood.

Out of print for decades, this solo adventure is a sequel to GURPS Conan Beyond Thunder River, but stands alone. Can you defeat the deadly shaman Zogar Sag and his ferocious army? Of course you can; you're Conan! (Or a hero of your own devising . . . )

And thus all five classic Third Edition GURPS Conan supplements are available once more to grace your bookshelf, as part of our On Demand program. For completeness' sake, here is the list, each ready to click and add to your collection:

Endless excitement, deadly dangers, and amazing adventures await with classic GURPS Conan supplements as you like them . . . on demand!

-- Steven Marsh

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