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November 27, 2021: Give GURPS On Demand This Holiday Season!


GURPS players across the world, share the gift of GURPS this holiday season by taking advantage of our GURPS On Demand program. Dozens of GURPS books, both Fourth Edition titles and earlier releases, are available right now as print-on-demand works. Best of all, these are printed as close to your home as possible, reducing shipping costs and times and making it easier for GURPS players in the U.S., Australia, the EU, and other regions to add these print books to your collection.

We continue adding new books to the program as fast as we can manage, constantly looking at our catalog of existing books and figuring out which ones we can make available as a part of GURPS On Demand. Some of the latest additions to the catalog include:

These and many more books are available right now! Please see the GURPS On Demand page of our site for the current list of books.

-- Phil Reed

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