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November 20, 2021: Uncle Albert's 1980s Catalogs At Warehouse 23 And Amazon


These near-exact replicas of the classic Uncle Albert's Auto Stop & Gunnery Shop catalogs are so close to the 1980s originals that many of your friends will think you've found pristine copies from your childhood! There's a small reproduction date stamp printed on each one, but these Car Wars expansions are otherwise identical to the same booklets my friends and I used in the late eighties when we spent far, far too many hours playing Car Wars.

As a part of our nonstop struggle to make it as easy as possible for you to get your hands on our games, expansions, and accessories, we've now added the four different 1980s Uncle Albert's catalogs to Amazon, giving you the choice of ordering direct from Warehouse 23 or adding the catalogs to your next Amazon order. Either way, you're going to find that each is very much the way you remembered it . . . and you're sure to feel waves of nostalgia when you flip through these small Car Wars booklets.

These aren't the only classic eighties Car Wars expansions that were printed recently. You can find several more books, expansions, and even plastic Pocket Box games all available right now at Warehouse 23. Replace your originals now, because there's no telling when – if ever! – we will reprint these again.


You say you're looking for the Catalog from Hell? Well, we have great news on that front! That book is also available in both PDF (from Warehouse 23) and in print (through Amazon's print-on-demand service). Now you can stop paying those ridiculous eBay prices and get a clean, printed-just-for-you copy of this hard-to-find book!

-- Phil Reed

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