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September 23, 2022: Enter The Infinite Arena And Win!


We've created several new supplements, expansions, and accessories for The Fantasy Trip over the last few years. Playmats, dice, counters, adventures, tile sets . . . there's no shortage of tools a gamemaster may turn to when preparing for their next game session.

The game allows for more than gamemastered adventures, though, with various titles supporting solo play and skirmish scenarios between competing teams. It is that latter approach to play -- where two players square off on the battlefield and seek to defeat their enemy -- that benefits from The Infinite Arena cards.

The Infinite Arena includes 54 cards: two with rules, 26 "Hazards" (special conditions for the arena), and 26 "Battles" with setups and objectives. Shuffle, draw one from each deck, and you've prepped an instant scenario that you and a friend may use as the basis for your head-to-head fight. The cards may spark your imagination, and the many different ways in which they combine can lead to challenging skirmishes and battles.

If you would like to learn about the creation of The Infinite Arena, Hexagram #6 has a short article detailing the process of designing and developing the set for print. And if you want more cards, don't miss this sampler pack that includes eight new cards for use with The Infinite Arena.

-- Phil Reed

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