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September 13, 2022: Car Wars Sixth Edition, Worldwide Release in October and November!

Now that the final stages of the fulfillment of the physical Kickstarter rewards are coming to a close, we're ready to announce the release of Car Wars Sixth Edition to our distributors across the world.

Currently, our plan is to make the following titles available to our distributors:

October 5 Street Date

  • Car Wars Two-Player Starter Set Red/Yellow
  • Car Wars Two-Player Starter Set Blue/Green

October 19 Street Date

  • Car Wars Miniatures Set 1
  • Car Wars Miniatures Set 2

November 2 Street Date

  • Car Wars Miniatures Set 3
  • Car Wars Miniatures Set 4

November 16 Street Date

  • Car Wars Core Set

That puts all of these items in stores before the Black Friday weekend, making them wonderful holiday gifts for the Car Wars fans on your shopping list. If you want a copy of the game and prefer to shop at your favorite local game store, please visit them soon to special order the Car Wars Sixth Edition games and accessories. All you need is one of the two-player sets to play, and combining both two-player sets -- or picking up the Core Set -- will give you enough components to handle up to four players in the same arena.

It feels amazing to hit this stage and we cannot wait to watch as more of you across the world get your hands on the game and get a chance to play. It's the fastest edition of Car Wars yet, and the boxes are packed with carnage, mayhem, and destruction. Just add your friends and play!

-- Phil Reed

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