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September 12, 2022: Hexagram 10 and T'reo School Kickstarter Ends Today


Our 10th Hexagram project is coming to an end today, and we're very excited about the massive support this series continues to receive! Who knew a little zine about The Fantasy Trip would reach 10 issues, with its own vault to store it all? But it has! This is the last day to back, so make sure to get your pledge in before 4:00 p.m. Central time today. 
This is also the first opportunity to get The T'reo School of Martial Magic. This 92-page supplement for The Fantasy Trip was written by David Pulver. It describes T'reo, a school for battle mages to get their combat training in the most realistic environment possible. Few are accepted, and fewer still will survive to graduate. Will you be a valedictorian or a washout? (And if you wash, will you leave by Craven's Gate, or will you leave in a box?) The T'reo School was first mentioned in the introduction to Wizard, back in the dawning days of TFT. Now it's more than a quickly dropped bit of color . . . it's a fully developed environment for adventures or whole campaigns, with connections to Ardonirane, Dran, and the rest of the campaign area we have described so far.
Thanks again to all of The Fantasy Trip fans for the support, and to all the contributors to Hexagram over the first 10 issues. Here's to 10 more! 

-- Hunter Shelburne


Hexagram 10

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