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September 3, 2022: The Fantasy Trip's Hexagram #10 Now On Kickstarter!

Number 10!!! When we first launched Hexagram as a part of the Kickstarter Zine Quest event in 2019, we weren't sure how the world would respond to the concept. Clearly, with #10 now funding on Kickstarter and gaining support, the response was favorable, and your support has brought hundreds of pages of game rules, fiction, and scattered content to game tables everywhere.

This time around, we're experimenting with door-to-door tracking for international rewards and offering to ship print rewards to Canada, the EU, the UK, and the US. If you've been hoping we would offer international fulfillment on Kickstarter campaigns, this is your chance to support the project and help us test the new shipping option. 

The Kickstarter ends on September 12, so now's your chance to join in and show your continued support for The Fantasy Trip roleplaying game! We hope you'll back the Kickstarter campaign today!

-- Phil Reed

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