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November 28, 2021: Recognizing Games Omnivorous And Incredible Customer Service In Our Industry


Earlier this month, I ordered copies of Haunted Almanac, a collection of RPG work by Nate Treme and published by the talented team at Games Omnivorous. The PDF landed in my inbox shortly after ordering the hardcover, and I was stunned by the fabulous design of the book as well as quite happy with the content. (Though that was less of a surprise, since I was already familiar with Treme's indie RPG efforts and knew that the content itself was excellent.)

Flash forward to the delivery of the package . . . and a very sad sight. The box of books arrived in wonderful condition with only a single flaw: the box was empty.

Delivering empty boxes isn't exactly out of character for the USPS – as many of you know, the quality of their service has suffered greatly over the last few years – but seeing only a void where there should have been three copies of Haunted Almanac was a bit of a punch to the gut. Ouch. Two of those were intended as gifts, and after reading through the PDF I wanted the hardcover for my collection even more than I did before placing the order.

I reached out to Games Omnivorous to report the issue and they responded immediately with unexpected and generous news: the company is replacing my shipment at no charge! That level of customer service deserves a public thank-you, which brings us to this moment in time.

I was already considering a Daily Illuminator post to share Treme's Haunted Almanac with all of you, and now I'm even more confident that this is a work of art that deserves attention and support.

Thank you, Andre, for stepping up and fixing the issue. And thank you once again for assembling and publishing Haunted Almanac. Althought I have to wait a bit longer to hold the book in my hands, reading the PDF has made me certain that this is a book that deserves every chance at success.

Visit Games Omnivorous to get a closer look at the Haunted Almanac. To learn more about Nate Treme's work, including a peek at some of the content reproduced in the Haunted Almanac, please visit his website and poke around a bit. There's a lot of fun for those of you who enjoy rules-light RPGs.

-- Phil Reed

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