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November 17, 2021: Roman Polyhedral Dice Set Now Available At Warehouse 23


We've steadily increased our creation of dice sets over the last few years, mostly focusing on packs of six-sided dice that can be used with many different games. While we have produced the occasional polyhedral die, we've not released a full polyhedral dice set . . . until now.

Available at Warehouse 23, the Roman Polyhedral Dice Set includes eleven different dice, each featuring Roman numerals. The bagged set includes:

  • 1 four-sided die (d4)
  • 4 six-sided dice (d6)
  • 1 eight-sided die (d8)
  • 2 ten-sided dice (d10, two different colors)
  • 1 twelve-sided die (d12)
  • 2 twenty-sided dice (d20, two different colors)

To see our complete catalog of dice, please visit our online store, Warehouse 23

-- Phil Reed

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