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February 9, 2012: Steve Jackson Games To Digitally Release Five Classic GURPS Conan Titles!

Once again, GURPS fans will be able to explore the world of Robert E. Howard's barbarian hero. Beginning in February, five titles originally published in physical form by Steve Jackson Games will be re-released in PDF format through its online store, http://e23.sjgames.com.

The long out-of-print GURPS Classic: Conan, based on the world envisioned by Robert E. Howard, will kick off the five-week-long release schedule on February 9. This supplement details Hyborian history, magic, monsters, religion, geography, and more. Four Hyborian Age adventures will then be released, one a week, in the order they were originally published.

These titles have been unavailable for nearly 20 years. Originally designed for GURPS Third Edition, they remain incredible resources for would-be Hyborian heroes.

Face Picts and the great witch-doctor, Zogar Sag, in GURPS Classic: Conan Beyond Thunder River, and the sequel, GURPS Classic: Conan – Moon of Blood. Explore the haunted ruins that lie on the Zarkheba River in GURPS Classic: Conan and the Queen of the Black Coast. Face down a snow demon in GURPS Classic: Conan the Wyrmslayer.

"Pack your sword and fur pelt – you’ll need them as you go adventuring in the Hyborian Age with GURPS Classic: Conan. We’re glad to make these classic Conan products from Steve Jackson Games available again," said Joakim Zetterberg, Director of Publishing at Paradox Entertainment/Conan Properties.

For more about GURPS Classic: Conan, visit http://gurps.sjgames.com/conan.

By Crom’s Will!

-- Steven Marsh

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February 9, 2012: The Sparkly Good Fairy Is Still Flitting About

We've had a few questions over at the Steve Jackson Games forums about the Sparkly Good Fairy's visit to Warehouse 23. The Munchkin Fairy Dust Bag of Holding is popular, but we still have bags left if you want to get in on the offer. There was also a little bit of confusion regarding the date. The Official Munchkin Bookmark of Sparkly Good Monster Mayhem will be inserted starting with orders placed on February 1. So, if you ordered some Cthulhu Bandz or a Zombie Dice T-shirt on January 31, you just missed out on some Sparkly Goodness.

For more details, visit Warehouse 23!

-- Monica Valentinelli

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