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February 6, 2012: If You Go Down To The Woods Today, You're Sure To Get Mauled To Death

GURPS Classic Fantasy Bestiary

A fantasy campaign without bloodthirsty monsters is like a picnic with bloodthirsty monsters. It's just no fun! Fortunately, GURPS Classic: Fantasy Bestiary is here to help.

With over 250 fantasy beasts and plants based on folklore and legends, this volume can add "run for your life" excitement to any fantastic-minded campaign. Everything has stats for GURPS Third Edition, and the meticulously researched lore and insightful ideas should prove inspirational for any campaign.

Make no mistake: GURPS Classic: Fantasy Bestiary will surely spice up your magically minded world, and it definitely won't be a picnic for the heroes. Unless, of course, their picnics are routinely disrupted by giant owls, gullet snakes, manticores . . .

--Steven Marsh

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