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February 10, 2012: New York Toy Fair!

It's that time of year again, and I'm excited to report that I'll be in Manhattan for the New York Toy Fair, where I'll meet with friends, retailers, fans, and business partners -- all in an attempt to guarantee that every single toy and game store on the planet is aware of -- and stocks! -- our games and toys. This year I'll be showing off Castellan, introducing a few completely new games to buyers, and sharing our entire line of plush toys with the Toy Fair attendees. And Munchkin? Oh, yes, Munchkin will be well represented with sales information on the upcoming Munchkin Conan and Munchkin Apocalypse core sets, and maybe a few special items.

While I bounce back and forth between the meeting room and the booth, our presence in the exhibit hall will be well under control as Director of Sales Ross Jepson, Marketing Director Monica Valentinelli, and Warehouse 23 Manager Liegh Hegedus crew the booth. 

And it just wouldn't be a trip to New York without eating awesome food, visiting Midtown Comics and Toy Tokyo, and wandering around whenever I can get a little time for myself. And this year's a little more special than earlier years because on Friday night I'll be attending the opening reception of Futuretro at Toy Tokyo. Expect to see lots of pics at battlegrip.com as soon as I get time to process and upload the images.

As always, you can follow the official Steve Jackson Games Twitter account (@sjgames) for tweets from the show. Fans of toys may want to keep an eye on my personal Twitter account (@philipjreed) for looks at whaever catches my eye while I'm exploring the exhibit hall.

-- Phil Reed

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