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February 7, 2012: Random Axe Of . . . Kindness?!?

Official Munchkin Axe Cop Bookmark of Random Axe of Kindness!That's not very Munchkinly at all. But it is the name of our newest promotional bookmark. It will be available first in GTM #145, on store shelves very soon. Later this year, Warehouse 23, SJ Games staff at conventions, and your friendly local Man In Black will have copies as well.

For the past couple of years, our friends at Alliance have sponsored a charity auction with one prize being an appearance on a Munchkin bookmark. This year, the winning bidder was Thompson Productions LLC, with a bid of $752, who asked (after winning!) if they could use their bookmark to honor a long-time supporter, Jeremy Carty, who is a ginormous fan of both Axe Cop and Munchkin. Of course, we agreed. (Jeremy's the one not wearing a cop hat.)

Steve Jackson Games thanks Alliance for sponsoring the auction, Thompson Productions for being so generous, Ethan Nicolle for donating the art, and of course Jeremy for being such an awesome fan that he deserved his own bookmark.

-- Andrew Hackard

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