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August 16, 2020: New For Deadly Doodles


Last summer, Deadly Doodles was our big hit at Origins and Gen Con, with the family-friendly draw-n-draw game attracting several players at our demo sessions. The game has performed well enough over the last year that we've already run a second printing, and now the game expands with new maps and two packs of dice.

  • Deadly Doodles 2 - Escalate the danger with six new maps and new game mechanics, including the addition of a six-sided die for some of the maps in the game.
  • Deadly Doodles d6 Dice Set - Three six-sided dice featuring artwork by Katie Cook. Also includes a new Deadly Doodles game card!
  • Deadly Doodles Rainbow d6 Dice Set - Not vital to playing the game, but totally a lot of fun! This pack of three 19mm six-sided dice is for those of you (guilty!) who always need a few more dice.

You can find Deadly Doodles 2 at your favorite local game store today. Those new dice sets, though, are only available at our online store, Warehouse 23.

-- Phil Reed

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