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August 4, 2020: In The Works: The Fantasy Trip Companion 2


As the Kickstarter campaign for Hexagram #5 and Ardonirane races along (back the project today!), our team continues to work on new books and accessories for The Fantasy Trip.

During the Legacy Edition Kickstarter campaign, we created The Fantasy Trip Companion, a collection of articles from various magazines of the late '70s and early '80s. It was a treat to chase down those old articles and arrange the rights to reprint them, and the finished book is an excellent addition to any TFT player or gamemaster's library. And you liked it, so we did it again . . .

The Fantasy Trip Companion 2 brings together several articles from Lester Smith's The Fantasy Forum, a fanzine from the late '80s. Lester, as you may know, went on to create several games (including one of my personal favorites, Dark Conspiracy), and his skill and talent were on display in his role as publisher and editor of The Fantasy Forum.

Thanks to Lester's kindness and assistance in tracking down authors, as well as Steven Marsh's many hours spearheading the project, we have the text in place and layout is under way on The Fantasy Trip Companion 2. With the original zine only available to a small number of readers when it was new, this collection will be a real treasure for many TFT players who have likely never seen a single issue, let alone a collection of so many articles (and adventures!) from that decades-old fan publication.

We'll have more news on The Fantasy Trip Companion 2 in the future. For now, we recommend joining the Hexagram #5 and Ardonirane Kickstarter campaign to get the latest releases for The Fantasy Trip.

And, as you may have guessed, we've got even more to come for this classic fantasy roleplaying game!

-- Phil Reed

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