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August 7, 2020: You're Almost Out Of Time! New Titles For The Fantasy Trip Now On Kickstarter

Thanks to your support, The Fantasy Trip is expanding! On Monday, the campaign for Ardonirane -- a city book written by David Pulver -- and the fifth issue of our Hexagram series comes to a close and we'll push the big "print" button for both so that we can move forward and fulfill the campaign before the end of this year.

In addition to these two new titles, the campaign also includes the Skarg's Tavern playmat, our largest playmat so far for use with The Fantasy Trip! Illustrated by Dyson Logos and colored by Ben Williams, this 36" x 36" cloth-backed neoprene playmat represents a tavern that is detailed in Hexagram #5. GMs can use this location as the setting for adventure, or players may decide to stage a skirmish within the tavern and the grounds surrounding it.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign today, and join in the new project before it's too late!

NOTE: Physical rewards are only open to U.S. gamers. Late this year, once we have fulfilled the Kickstarter campaign, we will make these new titles available on Warehouse 23. 

-- Phil Reed

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