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August 15, 2020: Please Follow Us On Kickstarter

While the majority of our new releases flow through the traditional distribution channels that we have used for decades, a growing number of special projects -- often small, slightly different, or sometimes very large -- are launched using Kickstarter's crowdfunding platform. We have found that Kickstarter is a great resource to bring some lines (Ogre, The Fantasy Trip) to life. Additionally, we turn to Kickstarter when we have an idea that's a little different from our norm (the recent GURPS PDF Challenge, for example) or one where we are 100% not sure whether or not there is enough demand to make the project worth our time (the t-shirt project earlier this summer is one such example).

So that you do not miss out on our crowdfunding efforts (such as Wiz-War, that we plan to launch on Kickstarter just as soon as we're ready), we recommend following both of our Kickstarter accounts:

  • Steve Jackson Games - The main crowdfunding account for items that may be planned for distribution release and projects that combine several lines together (even if the project is unlikely to go on to wider distribution release).
  • Warehouse 23 - For those items that are unlikely to ever see standard distribution release.

By following both of these accounts -- as well as reading the Daily Illuminator each day -- you should never miss out of one of our Kickstarter campaigns again!

-- Phil Reed

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