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September 26, 2012: Friendly Shout-Out: Geek Chic

Gabby ready for the day to start. At Gen Con this year, I had the pleasure of using one of our custom dice tables, pictured here. These are fantastic for convention demos -- you can stay standing and thus engage passers-by more readily, and the recessed glass top holds a cool graphical insert and keeps dice and components from getting scattered when overly enthusiastic rollers (such as myself) go to town. There's also plenty of storage in the base.

These tables were custom-built for us by our friends over at Geek Chic, makers of fine gaming-oriented furniture and storage solutions. They have an extensive selection available on their website, but will also work with individiual customers to make custom pieces.

Next time you're at a convention where we have a booth, feel free to drop by and check out the table! (And the games, of course.)

-- Leonard Balsera

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