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September 13, 2012: Meet Alex K.!

Alex K. at large. Hello world! I'm Alex Kosarek, the webmaster here at SJ Games. You may have seen me at conventions from time to time, or seen my name mentioned in some web-related detail.

I've been working at SJ Games for 2 years and spend most of my day creating the webpages you see when you hop around our site. I'm also in the middle of working on some super secret projects I can't talk about, but suffice it to say, we're in the process of totally revamping our web presence. Very exciting!

My educational background is a bit of a hodgepodge. My degrees are in studio art and art metal, so a lot of my principles of design and function come from there rather than from formal web design. I supplemented that with classes in computer science, metalworking, and photography. (In fact, if you see any product photos since I have worked here, I most likely took them.) So I bring a lot of different elements to the table when I design.

When I'm not here at the office I'm usually doing something constructive, like working on the house or building furniture with my wife. I also like to homebrew beer or relax on the fairway with Production Manager Sam Mitchske, playing golf.

Back to work now. So much coding, so little time. Bye!

-- Alex Kosarek

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