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September 19, 2012: Avast, Ye Scurvy Bilge Rats!

Ahoy, mateys -- put down yer hornpipes and grog, hoist th' jib, and batten down th' hatches! Secure th' starboard cannons, load th' grape-shot, and prepare to broadside those lily-liver'd privateer lubbers. They'll learn smartly th' cost for crossin' Cap'n Stevie and th' crew of Cthulhu's Revenge!

If'n ye be in th' mood fer high-seas hijinks, thar be a set of beauties in Warehouse 23 fer ye: Let out yer inner scallywag and set sail on th' seven seas with Munchkin Booty, ply th' trade routes o' th' colonies with Merchants by Catalyst Game Labs, or be th' first man across the boarding planks with Pieces of Eight, by Atlas Games!

And if'n ye wish to tell yer own tall tales o' buccaneering adventure, look no further than GURPS Classic: Swashbucklers, available on e23!

-- Andreas Stein

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