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September 9, 2012: Sammlerkoffer! Gesundheit!

Lenny prepping for The Martian InvasionIn case you didn't know, our licensees aren't limited to just printing translated versions of our products. They can also propose their own Munchkin-related products, and that occasionally results in unique, nifty stuff becoming available in non-U.S. markets.

Here's one such product, from Pegasus Spiele: the Munchkin Sammlerkoffer. It's basically an enormous suitcase, with an internal tray for almost every set of Munchkin cards they've published. It even comes with a map so you know where to put everything.

You could also take the label off it, put on a business suit and mirrorshades, and walk through crowded places with it if you want to look busy and important. (It'll also fit our Munchkin cards. Just saying.)

-- Leonard Balsera

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