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September 7, 2012: Duck, Duck . . .

Munchkin Duck of DoomJust a quick note to let you know that two new Munchkin plushies, the Duck of Doom and Duck of Gloom, are currently at print!

The Duck of Doom comes with two brand-new fantasy Munchkin cards. His morose twin, the Duck of Gloom, includes one new fantasy Munchkin card and one Munchkin-themed card for Gloom from our pals over at Atlas Games. And both feature a zippered pouch for storing your treasures!

Look for the Ducks this October, either at Warehouse 23 or at your friendly local game store.

(And yes, I did ask Phil about the Goose of Doom. His reply was, "Steve Jackson Games does not comment on the status of unannounced products." Go figure.)

-- Leonard Balsera

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